Invite family, friends and your best buds, have some munchies and bevies and host an Evening With Spirit in the privacy of your home!

Paula will join you in your home with a group of your choosing to connect with your departed loved ones, pets and guides to provide you with their messages of love and healing while providing clarity on the direction in your life.

Parties $50 per person (minimum of 6 people - plus travel - CASH IS PREFERRED).

Would you like to host more than 6 friends?

Not a problem!

Over 6 guests are charged at $50 per person (maximum of 10 people) + travel charge.

Paula is English speaking and your group session needs to be booked in advance. Paula will channel and make connections for your group for 1 to 1.5 hours.

All attendees must be over the age of 16. You can prepare for your group session by thinking of the people you would like to connect with (Paula can connect to anyone on the other side) or a question that you would like to ask regarding a situation in your life.

Paula will ensure that everyone receives a connection or question during your session.

Contact Paula for more information or to book your session at (506) 321-0400 or email her at

You are welcome to record your session!


Psychic Parties