Past Life Regression - Heal Your Present, Through Your Past

Almost everyone can recall a past life memory. Remembered or not, your unconscious mind harbors the memories of many past lives, the essence of the soul memories.

The results of past life regressions are consistent; there is depth and meaning to it all.

For some people past life recall is slow and careful. For others, information flows as a mountain stream. Some "see" the memories, others "feel" the information deep inside, and others "hear" an inner voice - the prompting of memory.

The format of regression work is to allow a story to present itself from deep within the unconscious where the soul records of each individual are vast.

Those stories lead to an understanding of who we are and our purposes in the present life. These patterns reveal an honest connection between present and past life experiences and many parallel present life occurrences. 

Wisdom is learned only through experience, often the accumulated experience of many lifetimes. The soul lessons are those lessons learned or not learned in any given life, past or present. In the learning comes wisdom. Regression enables the processing of soul lessons, adding to the tapestry of life and the wisdom of the individual.

Past life regression work is largely focused on forgiveness. In this way, the hurts of the past can be healed. It is important that the hurts are forgiven but that the lessons are retained. In this way, the hurt can be avoided in the future. Thus, the past holds the keys to unlock the future. It is important that all hurts be forgiven - those associated with others and those associated with us, as individuals. 

How Can a Past Life Regression Help?
  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here
  • Discover how the past holds the key to unlock your future
  • Heal a pattern in your present life relationships that originates in a past life
  • Rediscover past life gifts and talents and integrate them into this lifetime
  • Heal present emotional and physical problems by healing the past
  • Discover this life's lessons and purpose when communicating with your past life self

Paula Hunter is a certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) since 2013. Paula has received her training in Past Life Regression with Deborah Skye King and is a member of the International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute (IAPPL).

Sessions are provided in person or through video chat program (zoom).

Past Life Regression